At Timepiece Financial Planning we specialize in Fee-Only Retirement Financial Planning and Investment Management. We help clients Build, Manage, Grow, and Protect their assets through life’s transitions. Our main office is located in Vancouver, WA. We travel throughout Washington, Oregon and to Alaska to service clients who are looking for the unique services that we provide.

We are Different, We are Fee-Only, We are Fiduciaries

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Where Smart Investors go for Fee-Only Advice

You’ve come to the right place for financial advice that is useful and that you can trust. We are in the business of simplifying the lives of everyday Americans by delivering the personal financial plans and investment advice they need, at intervals they choose, and at a lower cost than traditional commission-based advisory firms.

As a registered investment advisor and NAPFA member, we are a firm of professional financial planners, not salespeople, who are independent and put the needs of our clients first. Our focus is on providing our clients with financial plans that pull together many different areas of their financial lives and lay a road map for their successful retirement.

Today, people are often leery, and rightfully so, of seeking advice from banks, insurance companies and investment firms because they sell products that may or not be in their best interests. When it comes to their money, most people want a fiduciary advisor between them and the purchase of complex, intangible products. This is how we are different. We are objective, experienced and ready to help you to make the most of the time you have.

We offer age specific financial planning strategies and advice.  If you aren’t sure exactly what you need, that’s OK!  Our complimentary “Get Acquainted” meeting is designed to answer that question and help to get you headed in the right direction.

Financial Planning in Vancouver Washington

Financial Planning for Young Professionals

Are you thinking to yourself, “We should be further along!”?  As busy professionals we say to ourselves, we need to sit down and figure this out.  But, it never seems to happen. This ongoing service for you. 

Retirement Planning in Vancouver Washington

Financial Planning for Pre-Retirees or Those Already Retired

You’re coming up on retirement.  You likely have several financial planning pieces already in place.  But those pieces need fine tuning and co-ordination.  And then the big question, “Will there be enough?”.  We’ve got you covered with this service.

Investment Account Management

Applicable at any age, this ongoing service is for those who don’t have the time or desire to monitor and maintain their investment accounts. This level of service is a fully integrated approach to financial planning that combines the development and implementation of the financial plan to ensure you stand the best chance of achieving your objectives. 

At Timepiece, we take a team approach when developing your financial plan and managing your investment accounts. Each member brings something unique and special to the firm. We work with your attorney, trustee, and/or CPA to develop your comprehensive, objective and best financial plan possible!  We are your Vancouver and Spokane financial planner and Investment advisor team!

Tim Massie Retirement Planning in Vancouver Washington
Tim Massie, CFP and Fee-Only Financial Planner


Retirement Planning in Vancouver Washington
Jay Boekeloo, CFP and Fee-Only Financial Planner




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    Financial Planning in Vancouver WA

    Financial Planning in Vancouver WA

    FEE Only Financial Planning in Vancouver WA

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