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Anchorage, AK

Timepiece Financial Planning is licensed and practices in Anchorage, AK. We can help you with Retirement Planning and Investment Management close to home.

Over the years, we have had quite a few Alaskan clients travel to our Vancouver,WA office for service. Eventually, it made sense to open an office in Anchorage to serve those clients near their homes.
Our Certified Financial Planner™, Tim Massie, travels to service these clients roughly once a month. We are the only NAPFA registered fee-only advisory in Alaska and have experience helping Alaskans plan for a full, rich retirement. Call or email our office to see when we’ll be in town next. We look forward to meeting you!

721 Depot Drive, Anchorage, AK 99501 (360) 687-0244
Tim Massie Retirement Planning in Vancouver Washington

Tim Massie, CFP and
Fee-Only Financial Planner

Retirement Planning in Vancouver Washington

Jay Boekeloo
Fee-Only Financial Planner
and CFP Candidate


  • Do I have enough money to retire?
  • Will I run out of money while in retirement?
  • What are topics and other areas that I might not be aware of or that I should know about going into retirement?
  • How should my portfolio look going into retirement compared to when I was saving for retirement?
  • Which pension option should I take?
  • When should I take Social Security?
  • Is my money invested correctly?
  • Do I need long term care insurance? How much does it cost?

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Or, you can always call us at 360.687.0244!

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