What’s the stock market going to do next?

by Tim Massie, CFP® Owner of Timepiece Financial Planning, Inc. The most frequent question I get asked as a Financial Planner is some variation of “What is the stock market going to do next?” It’s understandable that anyone would ask an “expert” this question and my response of how nobody can really know what is

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A Little Wonderful Advice

by Tim Massie, CFP© IS THAT YOUR YACHT? A little wonderful advice, free of charge, that will make a person fabulously wealthy (if they could only follow it).   Some time ago I chatted with a friendly real estate professional who had never invested in the stock market preferring as he put it, “investments I

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What does the national debt really mean for you?

by Tim Massie, CFP® Owner of Timepiece Financial Planning, Inc. I have a hard time visualizing trillions of dollars. I still remember as a child my mother counting out a few hundred dollars for a purchase, and just staring at the bills! By mowing the lawn I could earn $4 and it took me a long

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Interview your Planner

Tim has answered 18 “What to Ask” questions from the popular book by Jason Zweig, “The Little Book of Safe Money”. It’s a fantastic way to get to know our firm and planner. What made you want to become a financial advisor? I began my career in financial services thinking I was a financial advisor,

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